"we can only do what it seems to us we were made for, look at this world with a happy eye but from a sober perspective.”

-W.H. Auden

Final Night, in Allston

Final Night, in Allston


And trees unrooted left their place

- John Dryden


Let this line be the arrow

            returning us both

       to that time on Commonwealth

when we drank placebos, 


dreamt of Vermont farms

            and talked about operas

       I knew nothing of. You gave arias

special resonance and form, 


explained with great passion

            theories of the spheres.

       Consider this: I even seemed to hear

celestial humming risen 


above the buzz of other barflies

            and the cherrywood facade.

       We needed one more cider for the road

to hide from what we realized.

Bethlehem Sonnets

Artist Series: David Bazan